Lots of patience, an experienced hand and a lot of heart and soul are needed to preserve the high quality of AOSTE specialties. For years, the premium brand has been at the top of the popularity charts in its native country France and sells successfully all over Europe.


Aoste is a strong, consumer-oriented brand. The relaunch aimed to create room for Mediterranean enjoyment, to increase appetite appeal and to promote diversity in regards to variety.


For Aoste’s cold cuts we created a Mediterranean world of indulgence. With a clear umbrella trademark in mind we created a seductive Mediterranean product staging with a rustic background. With a strong appetite appeal and the matt-painted foil the cold cuts show a special feature of everyday life enjoyment

The rustic woodcut background is framed with the custom designed: The proof of origin, lends the design a unique identity.

Focus given to brand-fit and quality appeal: "Stickado" is clearly established as a sub-brand under the strong umbrella brand of Aoste and can thus benefit from the core brand values. A unique light mood together with the matt-laminated foil including "soft touch" ensures a rustic, authentic look and feel.