Drum, the world's number two roll your own tobacco brand after Golden Virginia, is currently available in more than 40 markets. By the way: Every non-smoker recognizes the characteristic blue packet of Drum Tobacco, since it has been seen in the blockbuster hit Pulp Fiction as Vincent Vega's characters rolling tobacco of choice.


Just like the brand the packaging was expected to have a honest, approachable and authentic look - recognisable solid blue for the loyal customers and contemporary interpretation to attract new adult customers.


The distinctive red but although generic element brand (a stylized drum) was transformed into a unique key visual. The typical letter D became the vibrant heart of the design. While the learned colour coding was obtained, each DRUM pouch is resealable. Thanks to the flavour sealing material, the tobacco stays significantly fresh longer after opening. The longer strap ensures more freedom while rolling. And even after frequent use, the pack still looks tidy. Papers can be securely affixed to the packaging with paper sticker and are always ready to hand. 

The new Drum Original and Gold pack redesign gives the Drum range a refreshing new appearance through a honest, true, approachable design that brings the range into the twenty-first century and will give consumers added reassurance that they are buying a unique quality tobacco product. The heritage of the Drum brand is unquestioned; it delivers superior taste and quality for adult smokers.