It may seem like a strange question, but the most significant developments have been the result of a problem being solved.

At LBA, we believe in the power of a problem to unite and focus the team to achieve something better. We aim to uncover the real problem you need to solve and set about this task with you.


The first step in solving a problem is the defining of it. Until the problem is truly defined, the answers may not reap the rewards we want them to. Insight, from consumers, customers, and stakeholders, along with market foresight, helps us define the problem and find the right answer. 


Business problems come in all shapes and sizes, from understanding how to leverage commercial value from a portfolio, deciding where to focus & prioritise, to creating new products, services or business ideas that can either reduce costs or enhance margin contribution.

Brand problems can be as broad as 'What is our purpose?', 'What do we stand for?', and 'Who is my consumer?' or as immediate as 'why is my brand beginning to fade?' or 'How do I counter competitor activity?'.

For all of these LBA has tools to help solve the problem together, from brand purpose & positioning, to portfolio strategy and activation planning.

A big problem brands face is understanding "How far can my brand stretch?". Innovation is often required to create consumer engagement or category disruption, but it often needs to be done without disconnecting from current consumers and commercial revenue streams.

Creativity is the key tool in Problem Solving. It provides the ability and opportunity to look at a problem differently. This is why creative thinking is a part of everything we do. This truly comes to life on each project when the brief is crafted for a new problem. 

Each creative project starts with defining the creative DNA of the brand and how this can be best expressed as part of the brand world, be it in identity, packaging, point of sale, digital or communications.

Problems are the most inspiring subject for naturally inquisitive, intuitive and creative minds. It is not the morbidity of wallowing in the problem, but the thrill of solving it, of finding new ways to navigate around a problem in order to prepare the business and the brand for its forthcoming future.

At LBA we believe every problem solved gives a brand a new beginning. It is encapsulated in our symbol of the New Moon. Whether it's a new insight, a refined positioning, or a new creative expansion, it will all help the brand overcome real and potential problems and move forward with a new beginning. 

At LBA we constantly strive to inspire our clients, which is why we develop regular thought pieces that aim to challenge the thinking we have. From broad marketing issues to specific category or brand analysis, LBA looks at the problems facing the industry and the opportunities that come out of these.